Facebook’s steps to be profitable

Since the Internet user has become accustomed to the fact that most of the services they use on a regular basis do not imply any charge on their card, there are many voices that have repeated over and over again that when you do not pay for a product, it is that the product is you. This is the case of the social web with the most users in the world and the Facebook steps to be more profitable . Although on its home page it does not tire of repeating that it is free and will continue to be, since its IPO this year the actions that the company is taking to be more profitable has accelerated its start-up.

Slowly, user walls and the initial update page have been filled with advertising. First it was subtly in the side column, then the ads spread to both sides of the news feed, and in the last few weeks, sponsored stories or paid related posts have become more and more prevalent. And this saturation has already started to unleash the complaints of many users.

The fact that Facebook is trying to increase its revenue quickly has even raised suspicions about EdgeRank. Many pointed out that the algorithm that the social network uses to show us the updates of contacts and pages was deliberately hiding brand posts from their fans with the aim of getting the companies hire ads to reach their audience.

The last case of users angry with the company is derived from the need to make profitable the investment made in Instagram. When the photography social network announced the new terms and conditions that will take effect from January, users began to flood the network with complaints about them. And it is that the fact that the company can sell the photos taken by its users without having to request permission or share the income with them has unleashed the anger of the most staunch fans of the application who clearly blame it on Facebook that bought Instagram four months ago.

With all these fronts open, Facebook continues to try to monetize its more than one billion accounts to satisfy its investors. The question is, will they get it or will they stay by the wayside?

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