“If you do not pay for the product, you are the product” is the famous mantra that many repeat to warn that none of the services that can be accessed for free on the Internet are really free of cost. Like other large companies on the Internet, Facebook offers its platform to users Without them having to pay an economic amount for it, but in return it uses all the information it obtains so that companies hire ads with a high degree of segmentation.

A few weeks ago Zuckerberg’s company announced its new search feature, Facebook Search Graph , in which any user can see which people with a profile on the social network have certain tastes, live in a city or work for a specific company. Since there is certain information in the profiles of the users that is always public, such as their name and surname or their photograph, this tool exposes the data of thousands of users for anyone to use .

The confusing Facebook privacy settings They had already caused compromised situations for some users before, but the search tool makes available to companies and individuals information about the people who use the social network that the interested parties believed they had not shared publicly.

At the moment this functionality is not available worldwide and company managers They have not explained if there are plans to make it profitable economically somehow. Blogs like “ Current Facebook Graph Searches ”Show the large amount of information that can be obtained and how many users can be exposed when the tool is launched worldwide.


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