The Social CRM It is already part of the daily lives of millions of people and has caused a new form of relationship between companies and their customers . Consumers expect brands to respond to questions, complaints or suggestions about their products quickly through the same channel they use regularly to communicate with their friends and not have to send a fax or travel half the city to file a claim.

In this context, the great companies are having to adapt quickly to this experience . The problem for many is that, having large hierarchical structures, their agility to make certain changes is not sufficient for the demands of today’s consumer.

Despite having large communication teams and powerful communication programs software to collect everything that is published about the company on the Internet, the response times and the formulas used are not always the most suitable for the new medium. Famous are the crises of the multinational Nestlé after a Greenpeace campaign or the Versace disaster after the publication of some photos in which the model had been too altered by the work and grace of Photoshop.

In this new scenario, some multinationals seem to have hit the mark so far. The key to most successful strategies is the full integration of online and offline actions. A) Yes, Actions in the physical world are transformed into positive posts on the Internet. One of the best examples is the Disney parks where, through RFID tags and Social CRM software , the experience of the users is personalized to the maximum at the same time that they are touring the park.

Linking the real world with social media actions was also the key to a kotex stock in which the Pinterest boards of the bloggers they became a personalized gift box for each of them and a huge viral campaign for the brand.


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