Ecommerce: record results on Black Friday 2012

The Black friday It is the weekend after Thanksgiving where the most sales are traditionally made in the United States. Consumers queuing for hours at the doors of shopping centers come to mind, the aim of which is to get the products with great discounts that shops put on sale as a hook to attract hundreds of customers to their stores. This has created a great opportunity for the ecommerce .

In recent years, it had already been detected a growing trend of shoppers looking for those bargains online instead of spending all day browsing the stores to buy the products they wanted. In this 2012 it has been confirmed that the consumer prefers to make their purchases in discounted e-commerce sites to go to physical establishments. At least that is clear from the first Sales numbers via the Internet in the United States at Black friday .

With an increase of 26% over the previous year, the amount of money that Americans spent online during the shopping day par excellence in the USA surpassed the figure of one billion dollars for the first time in history . According to data provided by comScore, more than 57 million Americans visited online stores on November 23, an increase from the previous year of more than 18%. Also, the Monday after, known as Cyber Monday, became the one most sales occurred in the history of the Internet with a turnover that reached 1,500 million, 50% more than on Black Friday.

Consumers used the Internet not only in their homes to make their purchases, but among those who filled the malls, many were those who used their smartphones or tablets to compare prices and to ensure that they were purchasing the products at the best price available at the time.

Does anyone still doubt the importance of ecommerce for any business?

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