The professionals of the Digital marketing They are already thinking about 2014, in order to adapt their strategies and face the challenges of the new year. But to do this, they look back and draw conclusions about how 2013 has been in this field. We will show you some data and statistics that will serve as a reference in the future.

Among them, it stands out that 78% of Marketing Directors believe that the future of the discipline lies in the Content Marketing , Internet advertising will represent 25% of the entire advertising market in 2015 and the Social Media budget will double within a year. The latter is one of the main trends, along with Email Marketing, content, events, PPC, SEO and public relations.

With regard to concrete actions, the actions of Inbound Marketing generate 54% more leads than Outbound techniques, 52% of brands have found in Facebook to clients, 43% of them on LinkedIn, B2B companies with a corporate blog also generate 62% of leads than those without, the brain processes content with an image 60,000 times faster than with text and videos increase 86% conversion of a Landing Page.

All these figures go in a similar vein and point to the power of the techniques of Inbound Marketing , of the images and graphic pieces. These guidelines will continue to mark the current situation of Digital Marketing and will determine which brands stand out and make a place for themselves in the online world.


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