Smartphones and mobile internet access are causing one of the biggest changes in consumer trends in recent decades, creating the generation of consumer 2.0 . Nowadays, the customer no longer goes to the stores and is advised by the store clerk or salesperson when it comes to acquiring the products they need, but the decision to purchase any good is based on a prior investigation by what are the characteristics, advantages and shortcomings of each of the different options that exist in the market to meet your needs.

The popularization of mobile devices with Internet access is allowing users to get used to having all information about the products who are interested in acquiring at any time and place. According to data from studies carried out by Google, approximately 62% of consumers have ever used their Smartphone to make a query about what is displayed on the shelves and thus be able to decide which of the options to take home. In addition, it is increasingly common that what a person has been interested in while browsing the Internet on their phone, is purchased through the PC or directly at the store closest to their home if they have stock at that time.

These new consumer habits 2.0 cause consumers to boundaries between e-commerce and physical stores become more and more blurred. There are already many companies that have realized this and offer their customers an experience that combines both the online presence of the brand and physical establishments. The formulas to achieve this are very varied and include from QR codes in the shelves to know all the technical specifications and instructions of a product until the possibility of carrying out the online payment and pick up the prepared purchase without having to wait in the store on the same day. Although at the moment there is not much experience about which of the options is the most beneficial for trade, it is undoubted that the way in which products and services are consumed has changed forever.


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