Data to take into account in Digital Marketing in 2014

The professionals of the Digital marketing They are already thinking about 2014, in order to adapt their strategies and face the challenges of the new year. But to do this, they look back and draw conclusions about how 2013 has been in this field. We will show you some data and statistics that will serve […]

eBay claims search engine ads don’t work

For years the best known online auction portal in the world, eBay , has been spending a significant budget to advertise on the major Internet search engines. Recently the eBay Research Lab team published a study conducted in March 2012 on the impact of search engine ads on portal sales in which they claim that […]

Twitter allows you to manage ads from third-party apps

Those responsible for the microblogging company continue to bet on a business model in which users do not have to pay for the use of Twitter and that is the advertising that finances the entire platform . On their way to make the service profitable, there are several products that advertisers have at their disposal […]

The Interflora case and sponsored articles on the Internet

On February 22, a news item focused all the attention on the world of web positioning specialists. Interflora UK had disappeared from Google search results not just for flower-related keywords. Even when entering the brand itself in the search box, the company’s website did not appear among the organic results. With the uproar that the […]

Event summary, The future of Advertising 2013

On March 12, the congress was held in Madrid The future of Advertising . The day, focused on the world of advertising and marketing , brought together more than 400 professionals from the sector around the conferences and round tables. It was discussed in most of the presentations about everything related to The internet, technology […]

The closure of Google Reader causes the discontent of its users

Google has always been characterized by having most of its products available to users for free, which makes successful even the products that the company considers that they do not have an adequate performance, and are used by millions of people around the world. world. When it was announced last week that Google Reader will […]

How to use the new Pinterest statistics

The social platform that has experienced the most growth in recent months is little by little adding more and more functionalities so that brands can take advantage of the activity that occurs on Pinterest. Thus, recently the managers of the company announced the new statistics service to obtain data on the impact of this social […]

Differences between Google+ Sign in and Google account registration

Last week, those responsible for Google+ announced one of the functionalities that can have the greatest impact on the growth and adoption of the platform among users: Google+ Sign in . Although it has long been possible for users to log into third-party applications with their Google account credentials, this new system features a much […]

Facebook Search Graph, exploiting user information

“If you do not pay for the product, you are the product” is the famous mantra that many repeat to warn that none of the services that can be accessed for free on the Internet are really free of cost. Like other large companies on the Internet, Facebook offers its platform to users Without them […]

iRedes, the most “Social” Congress

QDQ Y Trazada Marketing We have attended the iRedes Event that took place in Burgos on March 7 and 8. iRedes for those who do not know, is the III Ibero-American Congress of Social Networks . The congress, full of Social Media professionals, consists of talks, conferences and round tables in which various very interesting […]