Brands in social networks and their influence in 2020

Marcas en redes sociales

We echo the IAB by Elogia 2020 study , to show you the brand status on social media in the present. After two years of stagnation, the number of users grows on the popular platforms. In Spain, we reached the figure of 25.9 million Internet users connected to social networks. This supposes a 87% of users with Internet access . It is believed that this growth may be related to the forced confinement of recent months, a situation that has favored the presence of brands in social networks .

Interaction with brands on social networks

The recent study by IAB by Elogia, reveals that the following of brands by users on social networks has experienced a decrease since last year. We went from 72% to 52%, but this data has not been entirely negative. By cons, the level of interaction with brands has increased , which has allowed a growth in customer loyalty rates , through the communities on social networks.

We discovered another positive piece of information regarding promotional content. We refer to level of user satisfaction with advertising , where a growth to 59% , compared to 49% the previous year. That is why 80% of brands continue to bet on Social ADs strategies, where an upward progression is expected based on satisfactory results.

Relevant social networks for brands

In the top popularity rankings We continue to find social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter, along with well-known messaging services such as WhatsApp. The trend does not change, Facebook continues to lose relevance compared to Instagram, something that we have already observed in recent times. On the other hand, among the youngest, social networks such as TikTok stand out , platform that currently experiences the highest growth rate.

Effectiveness of brands in social networks

Continuing with the current study, it is the turn to talk about the effectiveness of the strategies created by brands in social networks by 2020 . First of all, we highlight that a 59% of users affirm that content provided by brands in social networks, have influenced your final purchase decision . At the same time, 44% claim to interact with brands, leaving comments and evaluations after their acquisition.

The evaluations on products and services, serve other users to strengthen its relationship with brands . Those that get positive evaluations win in multiple ways. We talk about reliability, professionalism and online reputation. Alcanzar dichos objetivos, es posible gracias a la creación de estrategias optimizadas en redes sociales, en base a las necesidades e intereses de las audiencias objetivas. Imagen: Freepik

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