Attract geolocated web traffic to your physical store

If your business has physical establishment , you need attract geolocated web traffic . Your positioning strategies should be aimed at capturing the attention of your target audiences , those among which are your future potential customers . This means that we need to be visible and attract consumers who are within the geographic action area of our physical store to our website. The online marketing optimization is a priority in this regard, guaranteeing greater interest in our business due to the proximity factor and increasing the probability of growth in the conversion rate. In this article, we teach you how to attract geolocated web traffic.

How to attract geolocated web traffic

Web content

To attract geolocated web traffic, the optimization of the website and its contents is key . Counting on a well-developed and designed platform, adaptable to all types of connection devices, agile, fluid and intuitive, there are some factors that will help us to position our website or corporate blog locally. Among them, we will pay attention to the url and main title. Include in them the appropriate terms that determine our location (town, city, province, etc.), we are helping search engines to show us when an Internet user needs information locally. But these are not the only factors that help positioning. The titles of the publications, the keywords used in the texts or including the necessary attributes in images and videos, provide an extra when it comes to attracting geolocated web traffic.

With regard to web content, it is also necessary to incorporate all the information regarding the location and contact of our physical establishment . That is, brand name, address, telephone, email and others such as business description, etc. Not only are they convenient to help the consumer determine the location, they will also help us attract geolocated web traffic through other platforms that we are now going to show you.

Geolocation platforms

A high number of local searches are carried out through geolocation platforms . The main search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., have their own maps to show the user physical establishments, nearby and according to their interests. It is important that the aforementioned data (location and contact) are added on these platforms in the same way as they appear on the corporate website or blog. In this way, the search engine will not find discrepancies and will position our business in a visible place for be found by audiences .

In order to control the way we appear on platforms such as Google Maps (the most popular), it is necessary register our business and open a business file in Google My Business . In this way, we will have access to multiple functions that will help us attract geolocated web traffic to our establishment. These platforms allow us to include relevant data about our business, access statistics or publish updates that will allow us to maintain an optimal positioning. As we have already commented, the positioning strategies at the local level , can help you improve the conversion rate and position you as a benchmark brand within your geographical area of action.

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