So far, the Facebook Ads offered the advertiser a high possibility of segmentation depending on the demographic characteristics, personal situation and interests of the users but only if they had provided that information directly through the actions carried out on the social network. Zuckerberg’s company has begun taking the first steps for brands to take this segmentation further crossing user data with purchases made in physical stores.

The first stage in obtaining the necessary information that could then be offered to advertisers was to sign an agreement last September with Datalogix . This company would be in charge of carrying out a tracking offline purchases that had occurred as a result of an advertising campaign on the social network. In this way, Facebook could not only demonstrate to its customers the effectiveness of the ads, but also obtain a huge amount of data related to the purchasing habits of users.

Earlier this year, a new Facebook tool aimed at large companies was launched in the United States. With the name of “Custom Audiences” This new functionality allows advertisers cross your own customer databases with the data of users of the social network so that the brand can create campaigns on Facebook aimed only at customers who have purchased a specific product or frequently visit the establishments on a certain day.

The combination of all the data collected by Facebook added to the information from both the agreement with Datalogix and through “Custom Audiences” places the Zuckerberg company in a very interesting position in order to offer advertisers the possibility to create campaigns with a high segmentation but will users see it favorably?


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